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Every person has a story. The places we’ve gone, the people we’ve met and the moments we’ve shared along the way all shape who we are. Here are a few excerpts from mine:

I grew up in Southern Indiana but I’ve also called Kentucky, Georgia and California home.

I spent my early years with three brothers and no sisters. So it was quite common for this little girl to put on her favorite dress, do her best to fit in her mother’s high heels and then go outside and play in the dirt with the boys. My Barbies had tea-parties with the Ninja Turtles–and I wouldn’t change it now if I could!

I didn’t play many sports growing up because my mother feared that the history of knee injuries in her family would plague me. Two weeks before my Senior year of high school, I stepped in a hole while chasing the two-year old I was babysitting and twisted my knee–shredding my ACL.

I discovered my love for photography more than a decade ago. I was well on my way to becoming a lawyer and keeping photography as a lovely hobby–I kept having flashbacks of my high school Calculus teacher’s disdain for “Art majors”–but I finally realized that the only place I would truly be happy is behind the camera. I started shooting professionally in 2005.

I love to travel and jump at any chance I can get.

I’ve told you a bit of my story–now let’s meet so you can tell me yours!



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